Travelling I do like a lot but my favourite journey is my white canvas.”

I always work from a theme: a landscape, figure, mythological symbols, old cultures. It can, in actuality, be anything at all that evokes familiar feelings and images in me and so serves as a simple resource to inspire my work. I do not in any way attempt to actually represent the original resource-subject. Working from evoked images, I find myself arriving in a no-man’s land of meaning, and then gradually the subject finds itself, its own naked and vulnerable life…”like the frail tracks of a bird in the snow…”

The painting will finally complete itself and its meaning find itself, in the eyes of the viewer.

Susan Richter
Born 1947 Hilversum


Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam 1970-1977
!978-1980: Stay in Burkina Faso
1983-1987: master class with Eduard Flor
1987-1992: Stay in Tanzania
until 1999: studio in Kortenhoef
since 1999 living and working in Doesburg, Loosdrecht and Berlin

Exhibitions among others:

Centre Culturel Francaise Nairobi
National museum Dar es Salaam
Goethe institute Dar es Salaam
Galery Remmele Germany
Galery Espace Laag Keppel
Loods 6 Amsterdam
Galeria Lenten, Epse
Galery 27 Wassenaar
Het oude kerkje Kortenhoef
Gallery Gallery Métanoïa Paris (2013)
Gallery Marzia Frozen Berlin (2013)
Shedhalle Tübingen Germany  (2014)
Convento De Santo Domingo , Spain (2014)